Thinking Together is a way to use visuals for strategic thinking and discovering solutions.  Each project is unique.  Sometimes a solution is seen in the definition; sometimes a solution evolves from visual conversation.  In all cases, Barb Siegel applies deep listening skills and reflects back the unspoken from the edge of language.

Transitioning Youth

Problem:  Children with chronic medical conditions need to learn how to manage their illness.  For these children, stages of growth are independent of the typical age markers.  How can a hospital system help children learn how to manage their illness and develop independence?

Med management tranisition


How this works:  Children are given a copy of this sheet during regularly scheduled medical appointments.  The children are asked to circle or point to what they are doing now.  They are given the sheet to take home.  

Ideally when parents see this sheet they will get the idea that they should be teaching these skills to their children.  Typically parents are overwhelmed with information when they take their children for medical visits.  The hope is that a quick look at the image will make an impression on the parents and they will remember the idea of a progression towards independence.

Note:  A version of this is now in beta testing at a site related to the hospital.  

This version is free for use under creative commons:  Provide credit to Barb Siegel and website information ( in all uses and reprints. 

How to Explain to a Client the process of talk therapy

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) wanted a way to describe what a new client can expect and how long therapy would take.    


Visual dialogue helped the LCSW clarify her thinking about what to say to her clients regarding process.  A set of images was produced.  In this image, the concept of helping clients look at issues in a safe setting.  Other images related to what the therapist is thinking and choices clients can make.  

This is an active project and the LCSW is revising her marketing strategy, materials, and presentations.  The images I drew may or may not be used.  The basic purpose was to help the LCSW herself to develop a clearer way to describe the process of therapy.