I met Barb at the Impact Hub in Washington D.C. where she was hosting a discussion on innovating from the heart with U.Lab, Leading from the Emerging Future. After a few minutes of discussion, I was blown away with Barb’s insights, creativity and ability to elicit thoughts and ideas that seem to escape most facilitators.  Subsequently, I had the privilege of working with Barb on several occasions where she facilitated workshops with learning professionals in D.C. by applying her unique deep insights visualization method. The sessions were energized by insights that galvanized the group in a reflective learning journey into their deepest career aspirations, all being brought to life by Barb on a huge canvas. These lively images represented to very core thoughts, emotions, and somatic expressions of the participants in a way that mere words cannot access. In many ways it felt as if Barb was tapping into our highest intelligence and capturing the essence of that intelligence in real-time. I highly recommend Barbs’ deep insight visualization for your next workshop, learning event, or innovation program.
— Peter Baverso, President, International Society for Performance Improvement, Potomac Chapter. Senior Partner, Ventivia, LLC.
I consulted with Barb about my organizational and executive functioning problems, which were affecting my graduate school performance and my career. She was able to pinpoint the precise area from which all my seemingly disparate problems seemed to flow, and together we came up with a solution that worked and was not difficult to carry out. It was a non threatening enlightening experience that ended up being a lot of fun as well. 
— Lisa Moscatiello, PsyD candidate, George Washington University
Having worked with Barb a handful of times exploring personal and professional questions, I can attest that her varied background and ability to help define problems is truly unique. The process she undertakes is unlike any other consultation I’ve ever experienced, combining coaching skills, expertise in how neurocognition shows up in the world and artistry. By putting my thoughts into images and probing me to get to the next logical connection, she helped me come up with insights and ideas for actions I would not have been able to do with self-reflection or even group brainstorming. I most appreciated the intensity with which she approached our work, staying in the question with me while also holding the space for me to take risks with my ideas. The work we did together was made better by her perspective, her questions and her energy.
— Melissa Kessler, US Grains Council
Barbara is extremely talented. I recently contracted her services to provide graphic recording for a Europe/United States symposium on Vehicle Automation– a fast pace, highly technical event with the top international experts in this novel field. She beautifully and precisely recorded the dynamic conversations held over the day and a half day event. Her graphic summaries are a true representation of the key discussion points; moreover, they were a fantastic tool to those of us that are visual learners. Superb.”
— Monica Starnes, Senior Program Officer, Transportation Research Board, National Academies of Science
Barb has a wonderful way of “witnessing” where you are and helping you see the same.

I have had the good fortune to meet Barb years ago at a workshop and have kept in touch throughout the years.

There were a few occasions where Barb offered coaching advice. One of which I will never forget. She helped me see that I have all the tools I need. I just need to have them accessible so I can use them. The metaphor struck me so deeply that I immediately went home and organized my studio. I fully embodied the experience and by putting the actual creative tools in front of me I not only had a very productive day, I also continue to remember her support anytime I feel stuck and know deep inside that I have the answer within me.

Barb’s methods are fast and effective. They may not be obvious at the time but they are immediately realized. Thank you Barb for your support and inspiration as I journey through my art life.
— Heather Martinez, Visual Practitioner
What Barb brings is invaluable
— Derry Derringer, Non-profit Fundraising Consultant
A great listener, Barb Siegel has the ability to question, focus, and motivate people during a discussion. She conceptualizes and brings clarity of thought to brainstorming sessions and offers alternative perceptions that lead participants to ‘think outside the box’. She is organized and helps others organize, plan, and implement tangible products. She is acutely aware of organizational cultures and knows how to navigate systems in order to affect change. Barb Siegel makes things happen.
— Sue Jeweler, Author Smart Kids with Learning Distances and over 40 other titles.
“Barb helped a client of mine explore some thorny issues using her unique blend of careful listening, graphic recording, and gentle suggestion. The process was unlike anything I have experienced, and I wasn’t sure what to think at the time. It has now been a month since our three person session, and the changes have been profound in my client; she has started working regularly, and is successfully managing some very challenging health issues. I can’t wait to see how things unfold for my client as we move forward.”
— Sarah Wayland, Ph.D. GuidingExceptionalParents.com