Deep Insight Visualization

Using a visual dialogue, I help clients reach verbal awareness of felt knowledge.  This is a rapid process and clients report concrete results.  See projects to learn more.  

Strategic Visualization: 

After interviewing stakeholders, I present a visual map of how individuals and organizations contribute to a goal.  Or, I help create an image of current conditions.  In all cases, seeing what is hoped for and what is helps with understanding.  Strategic visualization is a tool for strategic planning.


The real time visual capture of ideas.  I do both physical and virtual meetings.

While the meeting or keynote is underway I create a large mural on the wall that captures the ideas in the roomUsing drawings, color, and words I help people follow the meeting, remember what has been said, and see connections. 

After the meeting is over, I take a photo of the mural (using ambient lighting) and then give the original to the client.  I clean up the digital image within a few days of the meeting.  

The chart can be referred to as condensed and readily comprehended notes, sparking further thinking and conversation.  I can offer suggestions on how to  use the charts following the meeting.

Communication Design:

Visualizing information presentation helps with clarifying the story you want to tell, the purpose of telling the story, and the identifying the needs of the audience and how to how to present it in the way they will best understand. 

Visual Mapping:

History maps, journey maps, and planning goals can all be clarified through visualization.  This can be with an individual or small group.  These maps are developed over time and can be designed to tell a story to others or for clarification of an individuals journey.


Barb Siegel is an experienced presenter.  Workshops in thinking skills, cognitive flexibility, and creativity are tailored for the specific audience.  Audiences have included facilitators, HR professionals, teachers, and even adult evening class participants.