Time to Think

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Time to Think (Nancy Kline) is literally a methodology for giving people time to think. Giving a quiet moment for people's minds to process information and consider more than their first thought is a powerful way to conduct conversation.


Time to Think resonated with me immediately.  Then I discovered that my career path is not dissimilar to Kline's journey:  from working with bright but learning challenged students to working with adults in business settings. Taking the time to listen to the differently structured minds of children with learning differences led me to recognize and understand cognitive strategies of all kinds of minds.   And the understanding led to the hard work of how to help these frustrated children succeed.  Once I was able to help different learners it became very easy to help ‘typical’ people learn better. 


I was introduced to this book and methodology by South African education activist Louise Van Rhyn who prefaced it by saying Time to Think is not well known in the US.  Let’s all read this book, we all need Time to Think.