Neurocognition and Graphic Recording

My talk at EU Viz  on Neurocognition and Graphic recording went well.  Michelle Boos-Stone told me, "In 90 min. I got more info on the brain than in years of study.  Thank you - this will really impact my work."  I will be writing a white paper on my talk so that graphic recorders can refer to brain based reasons for why graphic recording and visual culture works. 

It was quite exciting to be at EUViz in Berlin, seeing my tribe gather from all parts of the world to talk about how we use graphic recording and how to improve our craft.  One of my take aways was watching David Sibbet draw a person looking at a road from two perspectives.  The multiple viewpoints were understood from not only two perspectives, but two people.  All done quickly and very subtly.  Learning from David Sibbet was a highlight.