The past months were very busy.  Lucinda Levine and I gave a workshop on visual metaphor and using it as a tool to spark innovation in groups . Wonderful to get non-artists comfortable and drawing 'on the wall.'  We really got deep into peoples awareness of using the non-verbal metaphor to understand what someone else is trying to communicate.  

Also did several fabulous gigs working for a variety of new clients.  I'm still surprised when I'm in a room of people who have never seen graphic recording done before.  And I always let them know that the real power is in returning to the images later, as they stimulate many more memories when looking only at typical minutes.

Recorded at Sunlight Foundation's Transparency Camp a few weeks ago.  Was in a session where I had no clue as to what they were going to talk about, but somehow, through my listening skills, I managed to be very helpful - about API's in Federal Government.