Barb Siegel

As a registered architect, I listen to the structure of conversation and help participants see both immediate information and the big picture.  I enable people to see multiple levels of complex issues through the application of systems thinking to the chart as I create it.

Knowledge of organization development practice enhances my understanding of the needs of the facilitator and ability to listen on multiple levels to what is happening in the room.  I respond to words, emotions, who is speaking, and language style.  We are intensely social beings and observe the reactions of others when making meaning out of information.  I try to include this complex interaction in the way the graphic recording evolves as the meeting progresses.

As an award winning artist, I call on a large set of icons I can draw quickly. Our brains respond to pictures in a different way than words and we access non-verbal felt knowledge more readily when viewing images:  more of our brain is involved in visual processing than all the other senses combined.