A 90+ minute workshop, participants learn the basics of sketchnoting and can begin right away.  I have successfully taught this workshop to K-12 students, special education teachers, and adults working in numerous fields.  The link below is a gallery of many styles compiled by Mike Rohde.  

Metaphor for More:  Drawing Out Knowledge

A half day workshop for small groups (under 30) bringing visual culture to organizations.  Participants learn how to draw metaphors and use the image to help the group understand unspoken issues.  Given with Lucinda Levine, this powerful workshop is a helpful change management tool.


Additional Resources:

Occasionally I use one of these exercises in a workshop and offer this link for anyone who wants to learn more.

A  discussion at the RSAanimate videos, among other quotes, "You do everything better when you're in a good mood."  Richard Wiseman, University of Hertfordshire.

Mention of the work of Zakary Tormala at Stanford regarding the value of whiteboard animation: